WILDFLOWER skin tonic

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120ml | 4floz

Feeling stressed? You can sit in a field filled with rainbow wildflowers OR mist this on your face for a similar effect to help refresh + center. Soothe tired skin with gentle chamomile floral water & aloe vera plus calm your mind with lavender & vanilla...You got this. 

Packaged in a 4oz glass bottle {please reuse or recycle!} 

To Use: SHAKE WELL to distribute oils. After cleansing or to revive skin throughout the day, mist over face & allow to sink in. Also great for setting makeup!  Follow with favorite face oil. 

INGREDIENTS:  Aloe Barbadensis (aloe) leaf water, Chamaemelum nobile (chamomile) floral water, Lavendula angustofolia (lavender) floral water, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass) oil, & Vanilla Fragrance (paraben, phthalate-free).
*Skin Tonic color can range from a clear to grayish-purple depending on the natural color of the lavender/chamomile floral water, which can vary.  Keep out of direct sun and away from heat which can also cause the product to darken (but is still perfectly good to use).

**The ingredient list may change from time to time. Always look to product labels for the most up-to-date ingredients list.

WILDFLOWER  skin tonic
WILDFLOWER  skin tonic
WILDFLOWER  skin tonic
WILDFLOWER  skin tonic

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Crisane Cook
My Happy Face

I love the wildflower tonic such a wonderful way to start my day!

Great way to start the day! Thanks for choosing us! xoLua

Madison Deffe
Smells Oh So Good

I absolutely love this tonic! It smells like a perfect vanilla meadow. I use it multiple times a day just to feel refreshed.

Yay! nothing like a good face refresh! xo LUA

Glaiza Boccelli
So refreshing and light

I am in love with this tonic. It has the best smell and I spritz it on my face throughout the day. I also start and end my day with it as a toner. Wildflower is my favorite skin tonic scent!

Happy to hear you are loving it! nothing like spraying your face with flowers...Thanks for choosing us! xoLUA

Amazing scent!

Love this toner! My skin feels amazing after using it-not greasy but very soft. I also appreciate that it is all natural. The scent is heavenly-would love to have a perfume oil with this fragrance!

Thanks for choosing LUA! we will se what we can do about a perfume. xoxoLUA

stacey woodward
Love this product!

One of my favorite products that I use on my face. Feels and smells wonderful :)

So happy Wildflower is working for you! We appreciate you:) xo LUA

Kk Kachaturian

Best smelling tonic EVER!!

Best review ever! Thank you xo

Madeleine McVey
So refreshing

I love the wildflower skin tonic. I've been using it for a while as a toner after cleansing morning and evening but lately I've also been using it as a "refresher". You can spray it right over your makeup or at anytime. It's really refreshing. Especially on a hot summer day here is Scottsdale. Love your products.

Thank you! Glad to help you cool down a bit in the desert :)