ROSE MINT  skin tonic
ROSE MINT  skin tonic

ROSE MINT skin tonic

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Rose Mint skin tonic is designed to restore balance to skin with rose water & hydrate with aloe vera. Peppermint fights off acne-causing bacteria while lifting your mood & providing mental clarity. A healthy face & well-being provided by the power of plants.

TO USE:  After cleansing or to refresh throughout the day as needed, spray on face while avoiding eyes. {also great for setting makeup} SHAKE WELL to distribute oils before each use! *

4oz glass bottle (please reuse or recycle!}

INGREDIENTS:  Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera), Rose damascena (rose floral water), Mentha piperata (peppermint hydrosol), Pelargonium Graveolens (geranium), Mentha    piperata (peppermint) leaf oil, Rose damascene (rose) oil, and Glycerin (vegetable).    
*Skin Tonic color can range from a pale to darker yellow depending on the natural color of the rose floral water which can vary.  Keep out of direct sun and away from heat which can also cause product to darken (but is still perfectly good to use).

**Ingredient list may change from time to time. Always look to product label for the most up to date ingredients list.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Pless
Miracle Salve

I am 31 and for years I’ve experienced a strange and uncommon eczema on my hands when I live somewhere or visit a place where the humidity levels in the air change suddenly or intensely like San Francisco or New England. I’ve tried so many different lotions, ointments, and prescription solutions, but NOTHING has worked as well or as quickly as this product. I bought it two days ago and my skin is already showing clear signs of healing and rejuvenation!! Thank you 🥹

This is amazing to hear! So happy it is working for you and thank you for letting us know. We appreciate you! xoLua

My Favorite!

I take this everywhere I go. The smell is amazing and instantly uplifts my mood. I love this!

Thank you beauty!! xoLua

Jamie Benoche

It works wonders after a long day.. The scent is very RELAXING 🥰

Awesome! Thanks Jamie! xoLua

Laurel Lovell
Glowing, nourished skin!

As soon as I spritzed my face and neck with this heavenly scent, I knew my skin was being nourished. I make my own tea tree toner, which I love to use year round but the combination of rose and mint was too tempting to pass up trying. I love this product and use it more than more than my own toner.

So happy your skin is Glowing!! thank you! xoxo Lua

Lorie S.
Light and Refreshing

Very light and refreshing - Truly a favorite and smells incredible!

:)!! xoLua

Sabrina Gutierrez
My face is in love

I love this!! My husband noticed a difference to the health of my skin and started using it too! Beautiful aroma and feel. Thank uou!

Awesome! Happy to hear you BOTH are loving it! xo LUA

Megan Mays
I looooove this stuff!

It smells AMAZING and makes my skin feel so good! I want another to keep in my purse to randomly spray myself with because I’m obsessed!

Spray Away! We got you covered :) Thanks for the Love!! xo LUA