Desert Creosote oil
Desert Creosote oil

Desert Creosote oil

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Have you ever smelled the desert after a rain? This scent embodies the light woody + citrus scent that makes the desert really magical.  Creosote has been used for thousands of years for it's antiseptic and antibacterial properties plus it aids in UV protection.  Grapefruit and lemon essential oil add the citrus notes that we have come to love in the desert during the spring & winter. A touch of coriander essential oil brightens the scent profile with a dose of fresh + green.  Our creosote oil is wild-picked and handmade with organic jojoba oil, another desert plant. You can use this oil anywhere you like...on your face, hair, hands, breakouts, abrasions or a couple dabs behind the ears to smell like desert rain.  We hope you feel the love & magic that went into creating this special oil.*

*limited quantities available


wild-harvested creosote, grapeseed & jojoba oils, white grapefruit + organic lemon + coriander essential oils, & vitamin e.

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