Desert Creosote oil

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Have you ever smelled the desert after a rain? This scent embodies the light woody + citrus scent that makes the desert really magical.  Creosote has been used for thousands of years for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties plus it has also been known to aid in UV protection.  Grapefruit and lemon essential oil add the citrus notes that we have come to love in the desert during the spring & winter. A touch of coriander essential oil brightens the scent profile with a dose of fresh + green.  Our creosote oil is wild-picked and handmade with organic jojoba oil, another desert plant. You can use this oil anywhere you like...on your face, hair, hands, breakouts, abrasions, or a couple of dabs behind the ears to smell like desert rain.  We hope you feel the love & magic that went into creating this special oil.*

*limited quantities available


wild-harvested creosote, grapeseed & jojoba oils, white grapefruit + organic lemon + coriander essential oils, & vitamin e.  

Desert Creosote oil
Desert Creosote oil
Desert Creosote oil

Customer Reviews

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Noelle Swanger
life changing!!!

I have really dry, sensitive skin, and I'm always looking for a face lotion that adequately moisturizes. I put The Desert Creosote on my face before bed and my skin is GLOWING! It hasn't look this healthy in years. My kids also love the oil and put it on their rashes or sensitive skin areas. I'm already on my third bottle and can't go a day without it!

Thanks so much for the LOVE! Happy to hear you are enjoying the line:) xo LUA

Jhenifer Shipe
Love the Desert Creosote Oil!

I am so glad I treated myself to the Desert Creosote Oil. It smells divine and is great for soothing skin and giving it a drink. Bought one for a friend, too!

Thanks for the LOVE and sharing with your friend! xoLUA

Love it!

As a recent desert dweller, I've fallen in love with creosote. I was absolutely thrilled to find this oil and have been using a few drops on my face each morning and night. It sinks in quickly and has helped to calm down the sudden burst of cystic acne I've developed. Plus I'm obsessed with the scent - creosote is pure magic!

We really love stories like this because the creosote oil is our little baby. Thanks so much for the love! xo LUA


This oil is divine. With one whiff I am instantly taken to the magic that is desert rain. I close my eyes and feel nostalgic and serene. I use this oil on any problematic skin conditions or injuries, but also rub some behind my ears for aromatherapy when I need an instant calm or help falling asleep.

If you're a desert person you 'know' creosote. Smells like desert rain and earth. One of our favorites too!! xo Lua

Desert magic in a bottle

This bottle may be little but it is so powerful! The scent is incredible, and the oil itself is great quality. It's hydrating and fast-absorbing without any greasy feeling. I love using it when my skin is especially temperamental and seeing how much it improves just overnight. Would love to get my hands on a bigger bottle of this!

Creosote oil is our little secret in a bottle! Good for so many things and if you are a desert person, you know the smell! Thanks for the review! xo Lua

A new favorite

Not only is this a totally unique scent, but the healing properties of this oil are amazing! I use it every night on my face, but I pay special attention to places where I’ve picked my face or have other irritation. It helps heal up spots quickly, and is super hydrating without being greasy. I’ll definitely buy this again!

So happy you love this oil Lauren! It one of our favorites too & think its pretty magical..XO

Not good for sun burns

I originally started using creosote bush oil as a remedy for sun burns. That is advertised in their description as a UV protective oil. However, this blend is NOT for first aid. This is misleading and should only be advertised as perfume. lemon and grapefruit are both photoreactive and it made my sunburns so much worse!! I am in terrible pain and i totally should have read the ingredients more closely. BUT ya'll should not be advertising this oil as UV protective if you are going to add photoreactive chemicals to it.
It smells amazing though. I will just have to go back to etsy to find pure creosote bush oil.

Sorry to hear that this didnt work for you! We state in the description that the creosote plant (aka chaparral) has been known to aid in UV protection but isnt a substitute for sunscreen! We always promote the use of sunscreen everyday, everywhere. Also our addition of grapefruit and lemon are WAY below the levels that would cause the oil to become phototoxic as we use just enough to lightly scent the oil. We really love our creosote oil and have had nothing but good feedback but totally understand that not everyone will feel the same. But adding any oil to already sunburned skin should also be followed with sunscreen and physical coverage if going back out into the sun. xoLUA